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Martial Law

Who is playing Alliance?

So in between doing 5-mans to get emblems on my pally, i have decided i wanted to try out the Alliance content with a hunter.

SashaDream is just the cutest hunter out there. Now while she is on windrunner if i could find some folks that Play Alliance and have a good guild going, i would be more then willing to just move her on over.

So Who is playing Alliance and on what server?


I play Alliance on Dragonblight. :)
are you in a guild?

how often do you all play together?

I want to make sure i have some friends to play with...
I'm in a mostly cammie guild and we do stuff together often. :)
ps - admittedly, we do mostly lvl 80 stuff often,.
right.. so moving my little ole lvl 13 hunter means being alone for a bit till i can mass lvl to 80.. :) At least it would be nice to chat with folks. when i play it.

do you guys use vent or teamspeak? is it mostly east coast folks. Not that i am opposed to east coasters..:)
We use vent and are, predominantely, east coasters. :)
what are some of your character names.. i will just create a new nightelf hunter on your server.

My realid is jacob.a.tessler at gmail dot com. My main is Robintan
I play alliance on Cairne. I finally got to 80 with my mage but I basically have sucky gear and don't know about raiding at all. So I would like to level with you on your server or wherever you go - that would be a good learning experience for me.
my realid is lapis1 at sbcglobal dot net my char is sathamachi



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