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Martial Law

Where am I

I know, I have been distant of late, but life can do that do some and of late it has done it to me.

Work and family kept me away, and when i did have some free time, i decided to just treat me.

So lately i have been playing alot of Dragon Age Orgins, and let me tell you how much fun i have been having. Between just playing the game normal, and then playing it again with various mods just to see how much more freaky i can make it, or how funny i can tweak the game it has been good for my soul.

So now i am at a point where i might or might now start playing WoW again - its a tough choice, becasue in the end the game for me isn't the end game where i have never gotten nor do i think i will. I loved the quest for the most part, but questing in DAO was more fun as there was always choices to be made that effected the game outcome, something i know you can't do in a MMO.

In other news, i got to see a old (still hot and young) friend who was in town doing some work a week or so ago. It was good to see her and to be honest it was having her around while playing in a Sabbat game that made me miss the only days and so many folks that made me work so hard at trying to perfect my RP.

We that is all for now.



Glad to know you are still around, whatever you may be enjoying.