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Martial Law

Cam - Suckness

So I have been working on my new 6th Gen Brujah for the return of OWOD...

here is the wiki: http://wiki.white-wolf.com/camwiki/index.php?title=Vincent_Faustus

The problem is that most of the 7th gens have latched on to 2 or 3 of the several 6th gens out there so i can't get a decent linage going. I know i am not the charmer that some are i just wish we could even things out a bit more.

Hmm.. maybe i should have chosen gangrel instead of brujah.


There are a *lot* of 6th gens out there.
A strangely disproportionate amount.
Yes I know, i think what we are missing is the 7th and 8th there seems to be a gap. I almost decided to play a lower gen to get extra xp, but i did that all of last chronicle and i wanted to see if i could play a 6th gen in this one.

I think the elder game is going to be very interesting, but i fear that most of the elder cotries as it where are locked up. I have been trying to get allies for my guy for some time, and i haven't gotten one bite.
i will probably be playing an 8th gen unless my prestige review goes swimmingly stellar (not expecting that)

But I will be playing a malkavian auspex hound, sorry my ventrue playmate! I would be willing to make a background tie though!