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Martial Law

WoW update

So i have once again started playing WoW again - I know crazy right.

I have a Horde Pallie and Horde Warlock on Windrunner.

I just created a Gnome Mage on Kirin Tor

So I keep hearing about folks that are playing, but i don't seem to have much luck hooking up with freinds to play with on WoW.

What i would like is to be able to do questing with folks, hang out and have fun. Do some instances etc.. My Schedule is all evenings PST time.

Please let me know.

And is it just me or is the Allienance areas just better looking?


Perhaps, but I find that so many Alliance players are just utter jerks. Not all, but many.

the_dean and I are playing on Windrunner as you know.
Yep - i know you two are playing.. i just need to find someone to do regular quest with, cause i hate doing them alone. So i figure if i set up things on a few other servers i can find enough folks to do stuff with.

So far my experience with the Alliance has been good, several folks that where doing quest healed me as i almost died a few times, and one guy helped cause he wanted the skins of the animals i was killing.. My female Gnome is awesome..:)
I take it no more Eve then?
Prob not.. after awhile i just figured it wasn't the game for me.
Join us over on Earthern Ring. Keep an eye out for Anthropy or Valnac (Alliance side) or Solandra (hearthwitch's toon).
how often do you guys play those characters.. i created a female human mage - sashakane

Almost every night - we'll be on tonight about 5:30pm CST

For me look for:


For hearthwitch look for: