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Martial Law

On why July 4th Kicks Ass....

Why July 4th kicks ass: Celebrating that we kicks the British Ass, Created a country that infringed and still does on people’s rights – Lest you forget about the 2/3rd rule for slaves, women couldn’t vote and that we were still killing Native Americans to take their land for ourselves. I mean who wouldn’t want to celebrate all of that.


Then why do you stay? Seriously i'm so sick of shit like that. America isn't perfect, America doesn't pretend to be. Hell they very way our government was created was in recognition of the flaws of humanity. What matters is that we, as a people, continue to grow and change, better ourselves as people as a nation.

If you can't see that I feel sorry for you, if all you can do is bitch about it because it's the 4th of July and somehow that's a joke to you...

Mexico's not that far away. Though how they infringe on your rights will be far more obvious and overwhelming, assuming you survive. Canada might be a better option for you.