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Martial Law

Today in the news, I have read that the Republicans would like to change the name of the democratic to socialist. I find this interesting from a group that is just a screwed up and my own political party. But it along with many other recent events got me to think. Why don’t we just outlaw political parties?

Seriously, it would be the best thing ever.

On another topic I wanted to list my political thoughts on those things that should not be controlled by the market.


Utilities (Electric, Water, Sewer): It is needed for business, growth, homes. This is not something which should be managed by the private sector so they can make a profit. To often the private sector keeps raising the rates in an argument that it is needed to maintain their equipment, when in fact it doesn’t. While the public sector does not always charge enough at times to keep up with infrastructure cost, this is something that could be put in place through legislation. Further I think the government should spedn billions in Solar, clean energy and other sources of none polluting energy if only for national security. We should not wait for the price of gas or oil to get high enough that energy companies decided that maybe they should spend money there.


Health Care (dental is included in this): With so many people unable to afford health care, and with abuse of the system by the few, the cost to most is growing where at some point the only way to get help would be through some black market doc who lost his license to practice. While many other countries have taken this over and made it work or failed, with cost outpacing inflation it has to be taken out of the hands of the private sector that shouldn’t be making a profit on the health of an individual. Some would argue that innovation would suffer if we did this, or that it would increase the cost do to government oversight. But with computers and technology at its current place, increased spending up front to computerized all records and billing, would streamline these. Cutting back on salaries for doctors, by offering cheaper education for medical school should help. I have been served by both the VA and Private medical service and to be honest, both have their problems. But I do not believe that anyone should make a profit off of helping me get well, or making sure my broken arm is set correctly.


The role of the government is to do what the market will not do in a reasonable time or cost. That is my belief. I also believe that we do not need a federal government or state government that is huge. So say profit leads to innovation, but I say profit can only lead to more profit. I support the market as long as the market is not making my life harder than it is. Right now the market, and by extension, big business is making my life harder. Tax loop holes, mortgage melt down, oil futures all of these things hurt me and most Americans, so tell me, why don’t we wake up and fix it. We would not have the roads, bridges, levees and other infrastructure, including many community colleges and schools where it not for the government, because the private sector business man doesn’t see the cost benefit in spending money on it. IT is this reason that Australia is spending its own money to build its own super internet highway for its citizens because they got tired of the private sector arguing it wasn’t cost effective.


Ya Damn Socialist! I'm totally with you!
""But I do not believe that anyone should make a profit off of helping me get well, or making sure my broken arm is set correctly.""

Why would a Doctor spend 4 years in college and then 4 years in Medical school and oh another two years in residency in order to be able to set your arm if he would not receive "ANY" compensation for all those years to become competent and skilled in treating your arm.

Tell me why? I'm very curious.

On the matter of Utilities ill just point to the Post office and note that while running a huge Taxpayer funded deficit. They are still raising the price of stamps. (Other examples Amtrak)

Government is not the solution to our problem; Government is the problem
Point the first: Because human life - and the attendant misery of illness and injury - is not something that should have a price tag put upon it.

Point the second: . . . as opposed to if we had a monopolistic privately held parcel-delivery service that, much like internet service, refused to deliver to rural areas with insufficient traffic, sold your mail information to other companies, and routinely denied any claim of any wrongdoing on any account because to admit fault would open the door to liability.

Government is not the problem, people are the problem. Government, for all its inelegancies, is sometimes the best solution available to an issue - rarely perfect, often expensive, and very, very necessary.
First Point- Side step and ignore the question. I will state that if there is no compensation for this level of training,skill and excellence then there will be a far greater instance of misery and illness.

Second point- Arguing apples to Oranges. - Parcel services UPS FedEX and an even larger number of services exist which are far better than the government imposed USPS.

I think however the Internet service is a better example to the other utilities.

All companies will deny wrongdoing initially, this is the reality of our sue happy society fueled by Lawyers. Even to apologies are considered an admittance of fault and therefore liable.

Name one successful government program. (Military excluded)